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Service Description: This is a point feature class of environmental monitoring stations maintained in the California Department of Water Resources’ (hereafter the Department) Water Data Library Database (WDL) for discrete “grab” water quality sampling stations. The WDL database contains DWR-collected, current and historical, chemical and physical parameters found in drinking water, groundwater, and surface waters throughout the state. This dataset is comprised of a Stations point feature class and a related “Period of Record by Station and Parameter” table. The Stations point feature class contains basic information about each station including station name, station type, latitude, longitude, and the dates of the first and last sample collection events on record. The related Period of Record Table contains the list of parameters (i.e. chemical analyte or physical parameter) collected at each station along with the start date and end date (period of record) for each parameter and the number of data points collected. The Lab and Field results data associated with this discrete grab water quality stations dataset can be accessed from the California Natural Resources Agencies Open Data Platform at or from DWR’s Water Data Library web application at

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Spatial Reference: 102100  (3857)

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