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Geoscientific/i08_Stations_Monitoring_Continuous_Hydstra_Period (MapServer)

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Service Description: This is a point feature class of environmental monitoring stations maintained in the California Department of Water Resources’ (hereafter the Department) Hydstra continuous database management system used for collection of high frequency continuous timeseries data for groundwater, surface water, water quality and tidal station types. The QA/QC data timeseries data associated with these stations is published through the Departments Water Data Library web application. This dataset is comprised of a “Stations Table” and a related “Period of Record Table”. Stations table is the primary feature class and contains basic information about each station including Station Name, Latitude, Longitude and Description. The Period of Record Table is a related feature class that contains a list of parameters (i.e. stage, flow, depth to groundwater, water temperature, turbidity, pH, etc.) collected at each station along with the start date and end date (period of record) for each parameter and the number of data points collected.

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Copyright Text: California Department of Water Resources

Spatial Reference: 4326  (4326)

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