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Name: i15_LandUse_ElDorado2009

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Type: Feature Layer

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Description: This data represents a land use survey of El Dorado County conducted by the California Department of Water Resources, North Central Regional Office staff. For digitizing, the county was subdivided into three areas using the centerline of U.S. Route 50 and a north/south line for boundaries. Land use field boundaries were digitized with ArcGIS 9.3 using 2005 U.S.D.A National Agriculture Imagery Program (NAIP) one-meter imagery as the base. Agricultural fields were delineated by following actual field boundaries instead of using the centerlines of roads to represent the field borders. The three digitized shapefiles were merged into a single file and the shared boundaries were removed. Field boundaries were reviewed and updated using 2009 NAIP imagery when it became available. Field boundaries were not drawn to represent legal parcel (ownership) boundaries, or meant to be used as parcel boundaries. The field work for this survey was conducted between the end of July and the first week of November 2009. Images, land use boundaries and ESRI ArcMap software, version 9.3 were loaded onto laptop computers that were used as the field data collection tools. Staff took these laptops into the field and virtually all agricultural fields were visited to positively identify the land use. Global positioning System (GPS) units connected to the laptops were used to confirm the surveyor's location with respect to the fields. Land use codes were digitized in the field using customized menus to enter land use attributes.The primary focus of this land use survey is mapping agricultural fields. Urban residences and other urban areas were delineated using aerial photo interpretation, so some urban areas may have been missed. Especially in rural residential areas, urban land use was delineated by drawing polygons to surround houses or other buildings along with a minimal area of land surrounding these structures. These footprint areas represent the locations of structures but do not represent the entire footprint of urban land.Information on sources of irrigation water was identified for general areas and occasionally supplemented by information obtained from landowners or by the observation of wells. Water source information was not collected for each field in the survey, so the water source listed for a specific agricultural field may not be accurate.Before final processing, standard quality control procedures were performed jointly by staff at DWR’s North Central Region, and at DSIWM headquarters under the leadership of Jean Woods. Senior Land and Water Use Supervisor. After quality control procedures were completed, the data was finalized. The positional accuracy of the digital line work, which is based upon the orthorectified NAIP imagery, is approximately 6 meters. The land use attribute accuracy for agricultural fields is high, because almost every delineated field was visited by a surveyor. The accuracy is 95 percent because some errors may have occurred. Possible sources of attribute errors are: a) Human error in the identification of crop types, b) Data entry errors.

Copyright Text: Department of Water Resources, Division of Integrated Regional Water Management, North Central Region Office, Land and Water Use and Conservation Section.

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