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Name: i15_LandUse_Sonoma2012

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Description: This data represents a land use survey of Sonoma County conducted by the California Department of Water Resources, North Central Regional Office staff. The field work for this survey was conducted during July - September 2012 by staff visiting each field and noting what was grown. The county was divided into five survey areas using major road as centerlines and other geographic features for boundaries. The county was surveyed with two teams. The linework was heads up digitized in ArcGIS 10.0 with 2010 National Agriculture Imagery Program (NAIP) one-meter imagery as the base. Field Boundaries were reviewed with ArcGIS 10.2 and NAIP 2012 imagery when it became available. The data was recombined after it was finished. The Virtual Basic Landuse Attributor was used for the survey and to start the post survey process; after converting to ArcGIS 10.2, the domain file geodatabase structure was used to attribute and help finish facilitating the post survey process. Tables were run through a Python script to put the data in the standard landuse format. ArcGIS geoprocessing tools and topology rules were used to locate errors and for quality control and assurance. Horse pastures were designated either S2 or S6. The special condition 'G' was used to denote vineyards that had sprinklers for frost protection rather than representing a cover crop as stated in the February 2009 Standard Land Use Legend used for this survey. Field Boundaries were not drawn to represent legal parcel (ownership) boundaries, or meant to be used as parcel boundaries.Images and land use boundaries were loaded onto laptop computers that were used as the field data collection tools. GPS units connected to the laptops were used to confirm surveyor's location with respect to the fields. Staff took these laptops into the field and virtually all the areas were visited to positively identify the land use. Land use codes were digitized in the field on laptop computers using ESRI ArcMAP software, version 10.0.Before final processing, standard quality control procedures were performed jointly by staff at DWR’s North Central Region, and at DSIWM headquarters under the leadership of Jean Woods. Senior Land and Water Use Supervisor. After quality control procedures were completed, the data was finalized. The positional accuracy of the digital line work, which is based upon the orthorectified NAIP imagery, is approximately 6 meters. The land use attribute accuracy for agricultural fields is high, because almost every delineated field was visited by a surveyor. The accuracy is 95 percent because some errors may have occurred. Possible sources of attribute errors are: a) Human error in the identification of crop types, b) Data entry errors.

Copyright Text: Department of Water Resources, Division of Integrated Regional Water Management, North Central Region Office, Land and Water Use and Conservation Section.

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